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February 28 2014



A one-day interdisciplinary conference at the University of Oxford.
Wednesday 2nd July 2014

250-word proposals, along with a 50-word autobiography, should be sent to Danielle Yardy and Elizabeth Chatterjee at ProcrastinationOx@gmail.com by 4th April 2014.

NB: I have it on my list! - Archimedes
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SCIgen - A program that generates random Computer Science research papers, including graphs, figures, and citations.

One useful purpose for such a program is to auto-generate submissions to conferences that you suspect might have very low submission standards.

UPDATE, NATURE NEWS 24 February 2014:
Publishers withdraw more than 120 gibberish papers: Conference proceedings removed from subscription databases after scientist reveals that they were computer-generated. 16 gobbledegook papers created by SCIgen had been used by German academic publisher Springer.
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February 27 2014

Experiments by Giovanni Battista Riccioli, 1640, refuting Galileo's thought experiment and proving Aristotle was right: Heavy bodies fall faster than light ones.
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February 26 2014

The Falls by Peter Greenaway, 1980.
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Violent Unknown Event (VUE)
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24 February 1616: Roman Inquisition condemns the Copernican system as being "foolish and absurd in philosophy".

Sol est centrum mundi, et omnino immobilis motu locali.
Censura: Omnes dixerunt dictam propositionem esse stultam et absurdam in Philosophia; et formaliter haereticam, quatenus contradicit expresse sententiis sacrae scripturae in multis locis, secundum proprietatem verborum, et secundum communem expositionem, et sensum Sanctorum Patrum et Theologorum doctorum.

Terra non est centrum mundi, nec immobilis, sed secundum se Totam, movetur, etiam motu diurno.
Censura: Omnes dixerunt, hanc propositionem recipere eandem censuram in Philosophia; et spectando veritatem Theologicam, adminus esse in fide erroneam.

New translation by Christopher M. Graney:

The sun is the center of the world, and entirely immobile by local motion.
Appraisal: All have said the stated proposition to be foolish and absurd in Philosophy; and formally heretical, since it expressly contradicts the sense of holy scripture in many places, according to the quality of the words, and according to the common exposition, and understanding, of the Holy Fathers and the learned Theologians.

The earth is not the center of the world, and not immobile, but is moved along Whole itself, and also by diurnal motion.
Appraisal: All have said, this proposition to receive the same appraisal in Philosophy; and regarding Theological truth, at least to be erroneous in faith.
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February 25 2014

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Der geborene Erfinder (The Lost Rabbit Foot, November 1959).
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The Moon Ate Saturn!
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Oil refinery across Eridanus Bay, Burrard Inlet, Vancouver, Canada.
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Kurt Gödel in front of empty blackboard.
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February 24 2014

Jan Gabrial and Malcolm Lowry in front of 62 Calle Humboldt, Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico.
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February 20 2014

50 Years After the Discovery of the Big Bang

In 1964 Smithsonian astronomer Robert Wilson and his colleague Arno Penzias discovered a uniform radio hiss now known as the cosmic microwave background. On the 50th anniversary of this profound discovery, we will condense a trillion years into just one hour, with four leading experts. Alan Guth will discuss the Big Bang and cosmic inflation. Robert Wilson will describe his Nobel Prize-winning find. Robert Kirshner will address dark energy and the accelerating universe, and Avi Loeb will transport us to the end of everything:

Date: Thursday, Feb. 20, 2014
Time: 7:30 p.m. EST
URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6rUi65qLqc

(Picture: This all-sky map shows galaxies in the 2MASS survey color coded by their distance from us with blue showing the nearest sources, through green to the most distant sources shown in red.)
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Kulturelle Vielfalt.
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February 19 2014

Obama becomes the unwitting face of contraband Viagra in conservative northern Pakistan...made in China...of course, such a good sense of humor.
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February 18 2014

Simon Marius (1573–1624) from Gunzenhausen, the Ansbach Court Astronomer, discovered the four largest moons of Jupiter at about the same time as Galileo Galilei in 1610, however he only published his book Mundus Iovialis, containing his findings, in 1614, 400 years ago this year.

Accused by Galilei of plagiarism, his reputation suffered permanent damage, in spite of proof brought to light at the beginning of the 20th century that Marius’ research had been entirely his own. A number of events – mainly in the Franconian area – will throw light on his scientific achievements.

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Fake photograph of Mooon crater, late 1850s.

Although this photograph appears to show the dimpled surface of a distant moon crater, it actually represents a papier-mâché or clay model, as it was technically impossible to take close-up views of the lunar surface in the 1850s. On the right side of the sheet, this crater-recognizable because of its distinctive features-is carefully labeled "Copernicus," after the great Polish voyager and scientist of the 1500s. On the upper left, a scale shows the size of the crater in miles.

The image, which once belonged to the distinguished astronomer John Herschel, reflected the new concern of scientists in the 1800s with detailed observation of this visible but unreachable place.
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February 16 2014

"Augsburger Wunderbuch" (The Book of Miracles) by an unknown artist most likely from the 1920/30ies. (Not 1552, my dear Joshua P. Waterman!)

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February 15 2014

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The cosmos (as seen from Earth).
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Note: Galileo's 450th birthday is not today!
He was born February 16th, 4 p.m., 1564 Julian Calendar, i.e. 26 February new calendar, cf. http://is.gd/CBbYnA.
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